QA With A

QUA w/ A and Shay
With P. Tiana
Q-So what’s was it like being crowned the first African American princess?
A-Eh👋.I mean its cool but I was just created for all the racism rumors with Disney.Now most fans are rambling about Mexican Disney princess and I doubt they wouldn’t make one in a couple months.
Q-Um ok.So, what was your diet when you were a frog?
A-Ugh, I hate reliving the time I was an amphibian.I actually had to eat a couple flies.But I have to say, lily pad tea is quite tasty.
Q-And lastly, how is your marriage going?
A-Oh you haven’t heard dear?Naveen’s gay.I thought it was sort of obvious.We sort of had that Barbie and Ken thing going on.
Q-So you’re technically not a princess?
A-Uh,no I’m not.





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