Enemies Forever Book 1: Battling out the Queen Bee

 Selena Brakkens gets an audition for the commercial Peanut Butter Crunch and then loses the job to Lilith Somers who is a childhood enemy. Selena thought that her embarrassment of losing the job was over until her mom’s job got her transferred to San Francisco. Then Selena has to attend Joyce Miller High school where she runs into Lilith who is the leader of the L’s. She befriends Lulu who is the ex-leader of the L’s and soon falls into the arms of Andrew Ramsey the captain of the football team. Selena and Andrew soon start to date but jealous little Lilith  would not let her have it. Selena soon finds Andrew and Lilith making out, THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!! Find out what happens next.


Written by: Alexandra A and Shayla M


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