Battling Out The Queen Bee


Here I am,Selena thought. If I say these three simple lines right,I will be different,I can have a new life,a new me,I will be po-

“Selena Brakkens is next! I repeat Selena Brakkens is next” the loudspeaker blared.

Selena sighed. Here I go. Selena stands up to straighten her J.Crew white denim jeans and tightened her sky blue Converse shoelace. Selena walks into a room where there is a camera in front and a green screen in back. An Asian women, probably in her 30’s handed her a jar of Peanut Butter Crunch.

“Ok now you say your lines in a ecstatic voice and make kids want to buy the peanut butter got it?” She asks.

“Yeah” Selena said, sweating bullets. “I think so”

“Think so?” mocking her “No I don’t think you do” the women said as if it were a butter. You have to make a child steal money from its mother purse to buy the peanut butter!”

It?She must really hate kids.


“Do you get it now?” Selena gulped “yeah I got it” Selena answered trying to sound tough.

“Great, now just look straight at the camera and say your lines”

“Alright” here I go she thought “Peanut Butter Crunch the crunchiest peanut butter there is, you gotta have it and you want to buy it” she said holding the jar to her face smiling as hard as she could

“Impressive kid that is probably the best audition I’ve seen this week, you got the part hands down”

OMG! I got the part I feel like I’m on the x-factor Demi picks me Brittany doesn’t and my fate rests in Simon and when he finally says yes I think he’s not that bad of a gut everyone thinks he is

“Well…” the women says rolling her tongue

Yup. The word that crushes her dreams. When Selena was 10 she auditioned for the part of Juliet in the classic play but the drama teacher said there was one more person after her. It was some blond chick and Selena ended up being her understudy the girl who took her role smirked at her then told her she lost the battle. Then on the day of the play, the leading lady disappeared. Selena was happy at first but all of a sudden, it didn’t feel right. The only reason she got the part was because someone didn’t show up and that wasn’t the way she wanted to win the part.

“There is someone else after you named Lilith, but I doubt she’s better than you”

“Lilith Somers is next! I repeat Lilith Somers is next” the loudspeaker blared once again as Selena left the room.

A young girl, probably the same age as Selena wearing Tory Burch ballet flats, Juicy Couture charm bracelet, the same jeans as Selena but wears it way better than Selena, and a top that says “Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful” and flips her long golden platinum blond hair as if she doesn’t have a care in the world.

She kind of looks familiar but where have I seen her? Selena wondered.

Selena couldn’t really hear what was going on so she had to wait a few minutes.

“Amazing! You got the part!” she heard from the room

Well that didn’t take too long.


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