Chapter 1-We Meet Again,Juliet

What?Lilith was only in the room for 49 seconds.But I’m not a control freak who’s counting.Whatever happened to “You’ve got the part hands down” or “That’s the best audition I’ve seen this week”.Well she said possibly but still!

I couldn’t stand it anymore.I stomped into the room and slammed the door for a dramatic affect.That was better in the movies.“I thought you said that I got the part”

“Things change,loser.”Lilith said with a smirk.”Looks like you’ve lost the battle…again.”

Again?What does she mean by aga-

I froze.That smirk.The blond hair.Looks like you’ve lost the battle again???

“You.”I said pointing at her.”You’re the girl who played Juliet.Remember?I was you’re understudy.”

“I know.Thats why I said again.”Lilith said rolling her eyes.”And I was doing you a favor.You would have blowed in that play anyways.”

“Well I was great in that play as a matter of fact.I even got a standing ovation.”Okay,I might have lied about about the standing ovation part but she wasn’t there to see it anyway.

“Yeah right.I can tell you didn’t want to play the role.”Lilith says

“Well” the Asian woman said,breaking up the future World War 3. “You guys look like you two have a certain past so this is going to be awkward when I choose Lilith instead of you” she says without looking Selena in the eye.

“What?Why?”Selena was left dumbfounded.

“I really hope you understand.This is showbiz after all.Better luck next time you know,when I’m dead!”She shot at Selena.

“That can be arranged,you little bitch.”She muttered under her breath.

“Excuse me!Who do you think you are?”She barked.

“Well who do you think you are?”Yeah.I can do the bad girl thing too.

“The new face of Peanut Butter Crunch.Anyone would be lucky to talk to a celebrity like me.Too bad they don’t have an understudy for this job right?”Lilith said,laughing right at her face.

Selena’s cheeks flushed.She felt her face turning bright Red and tears trying to come out of her eyes.She turns around and walks away.
I can’t believe this happened to me…again.I can’t let Lilith ruin my life.She thinks she’s so much better and prettier than me,with that long blond hair.Stop it!Stop it,Selena.Don’t make yourself worse than you really are.

Selena waits on the bench outside for her mother.I think she forgot me.I wouldn’t blame her though.I’m not good at anything though.I suck at art and I get injured in every sport,even freakin’ GOLF.I really thought acting was my true calling until Lilith ruined it for me.

“Come on,Selena.It looks like its about to rain.”Her mom yelled from the car seat.
Yeah.I’m making waterworks here too.

teen girls mad at each other-1


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