Chapter 2-The Clique

Right now i’m on my to THE San Francisco all because my mom got a so-called promotion. Well i’m sorta proud of her but any one can stack 500 sheets of paper or sleep with the boss.

It all started when I came home to lock myself in my room to cry and cry and cry. I sighed. I can’t keep crying forever.

There was a knock on my door. There was only one person it could be I have no friends and my dad was on the plane on September 11th.

“You can come in mom” I yelled.Mom usually just barged in.Maybe she finally respects me as a woman.

She walks in.”Sorry for barging in,Pumpkin.”
Maybe not.
“I have great news that will really brighten your spirits!”She’s a cheerleader,she’s naturally peppy but you gotta love her.Scratch that,you HAVE to love her.
“That’s great,Mom” I say,turning on my iPhone.Enter Passcode-2-1-1-2.I start playing Temple Run:Oz
“Okay.Are you ready?”
I can’t hear her over my earplugs so I just use the default answers.”Yeah.”Jump!Duck!Left!Magnet!Duck!
“We’re moving to San Francisco tomorrow!”She screams.

“Wait,what?!”I immediately lose my focus.I died.

“Isn’t it great?I didn’t know I would get the promotion but I did.”She said gleaming.

“So we’re going to California?
“Yeah.I still don’t have my Congratulations Hug yet.”She says in a sing-song voice.

“Mom,I’m not going.”I say,dropping my head on the thick bed.Ow

I sorta gave to give in.Those cheerleaders rule the school with iron boobs and never give up.*Sigh*.”Fine,mom.I’ll go.”

“Oh that’s great,Pumpkin.Now get packing.We’re leaving tomorrow night.”She says,skipping out the room.

Now I’m in a really white house.And in this splash of color wearing a blue top with the sun smiling,like green nail polish,mint green Vans and pink jeans.

“Okay.You get to school while I start unpacking.”

“What?I don’t wanna go to school.Besides,I wanna help you.”

“Not buying it.”

It was worth a shot anyway.

Wow.School is like a hop,skip and a jump away.To be more specific,my school’s across the street.Yippee.Now if only I could find my locker.I turn around and bump into a girl and everything in my bag falls out.“Omigod!I am so sorry.”I only said that to be nice.She should be saying this to me.

“You should be.I almost broke a nail.”A young girl said.

Great.I hit a girl who thinks she’s hot stuff.Wait a second.That can’t be.Please please don’t be who I think it is.

“And you should really change your wardrobe.No really.Why are you wearing that?Supporting gay rights.”LILITH giggled.I looked down at my clothes.She was right in a way.

“That was a long time ago.”

“Oh, so your just wearing that to get negative attention?Might as well go to clown school.”
Oh yeah.I can do this.“Yeah.Can you give me the address?It’s pretty clear that you got an A in makeup.”I snapped.

“Oh no she didn’t!”One of Lilith’s wannabes hollered.

“Watch it,bitch.Or you might as well say goodbye to that face of yours.What an I saying,I’ll be doing the world a favor.”She barked,leaving along with the rest of her clonies.


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