Chapter 3: My First Friend

As Selena walked to her first period class she wanted to freak out from her last encounter with the Wicked Blond Bitch of the West.

Selena suddenly herd the weirdest crying noise that sounded like four cats dying.What the heck is that? Selena thought she walked into the bathroom where she saw a blond girl weeping.

She wore blue denim shorts,a white shirt with the cutest floral print pattern on it. With black spiky Converse high tops and a Dylan’s Candy Bar bracelet.

Okay so I can walk up to her and ask her whats wrong and try to be nice or I can just ignore her and slowly walk away like I was never here in the first place.

Selena wasn’t sure what to do  she was already embarrassed enough for the morning and was late to her first period class so she really had nothing to lose.

“Um…. are you okay I heard crying from outside and-

“What are you doing?How long have you been standing there?Has anyone but you seen me like this?”

Selena stood there wondering if she should be a total sweetheart or take out all her anger she had built up inside from her losing World War 3 between her and Lilith.

Maybe if i’m nice enough to her I can finally have my first friend.Not a fake one my mom paid to hangout with me. I could tell that she never listened to a word I said because everything I said she only said me too.

“Can you not speak or something?”

“Oh! Right I just wanted to know if you were okay and why were you crying so much?”

“Well all my friends just dumped  to be with some blond bitch named-


“Yea how did you know?”

” Well she just made me want to come in here and cry cause she just embarrassed me in front of her posse and a good  half of the school”

“Wow she messed with you more than she messed with me”
“Did I mention that she stole my part in a play as Juliet, and a spot in a Peanut Butter Crunch commercial”

“Did I mention that her posse used to be mine and I  mean and probably meaner then she is now”

“That seems hard to believe you look so nice”

“Well looks can be deceiving”

“I guess your right”

Wow I think I just made a friend who hates Lilith more than I do this looks like the start of a beautiful friend ship.Oh! wait I missed my first period class maybe she can take me there oh this is my first day and I already started to become a bad seed.

“Hey!Tell you what.Let me fix my make-up and I’ll give you a tour of the school.”

“What about first period?”

“We have another hour till that’s over and we can always go to second period.”

After touring the school for like 30 minutes,they still had some time left til second period science.Selena figured since they had so much fun,why end it here?

“There is a really amazing pizza shop around the corner and down the block is a coffee shop that makes the best lattes”

“So you wanna go?”

“Didn’t bring it up to dream about it”

“Well we’ve got 30 minutes to kill before second period.”


Wow this is  different from what I was used to  and I liked it. I didn’t care what the aftermath of my new attitude was.I was having an amazing time and I was ready to not care any more.I had a real friend who could be a bad ass with and I was ready to make an escape.

“Well this has been the most fun I’ve had in years”

“If you really wanna have fun you should come with me when I crash Lilith’s back to school party”

“That sounds super fun.Where is it?”

“Well because she is a spoiled rich brat who gets whatever she wants,she got her parents to rent out this super awesome  club called Zero Gravity.So you in?”

“Totally.I would love to get back at her at her own party from this morning and have a few dance sessions in between”

“Great!Oh and there will be a ton of hot seniors there so you can come to my place a borrow one of my outfits”

“Cool!I’ll just have to tell my mom that I made a friend and I’m spending the night at your house”

“Then I will tell my mom that I’m spending the night at your house and we could by a hotel room and go to some other clubs in the city after we embarrass Lilith”

“That sounds like an awesome night I am fr-eakinggggg”

“Well if your freaking now get ready to freak some more because second period ended 90 minutes ago.”

“Perfect that gives us more time to pick put the perfect outfit that says’I’m ready to embarrass Lilith at her own party.'”

“Let’s go then.”

Perfect life here I come.



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