I got this idea when I did a set on Ariel A YEAR AGO so I gave the starfish thin a try but I also found out that someone did it first but I wanna do it anyway.

Craft glue
Mod Podge
Clay(I used Polymore)

Step 1-Use the clay to make a starfish shape.First,you have to roll it into a cylinder-like shape and make sure its really long but not so long when its extremely thin.The when its in its cylinder shape,cut it into 5 even pieces of the star.o make it look like a starfish,just roll it out and pinch it at the sides to give it that realistic look and then do the same for the remaining four.

Step 2-Once you have all 5 shapes of the starfish just combine it.And if you’re wondering about the hole in the middle of the starfish,just cut a little piece from one of the 5 and the just flatten it and put it in the middle of the star to bring it together.I texturized the star with some foil and evened out the ends.Look at the instructions on he clay then bake it.

Step 3-This part is optional.I put the glaze all over the starfish so it could have a nice glow and shine.

Step 4-Just glue the beads any color,anything and go crazy with it.I just use tweezers while putting on the beads because mine are very small.

Step 5-Cut the mesh to about the shape of the starfish and probably an inch more and glue it to the back the glue the barrette and let i dry then you’re done!
The headpiece should look a bit like this-


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