So,a few monthS ago,I was going to the mall with my 16-year-old cousin from Paris named Shana that I didn’t know exist and we walked into this amazing boutique and I saw this waterfall necklace that I seriously wanted and of course,it was over $150 but she helped me make my own waterfall necklace.So,here we go!

Large chain as the base of the necklace with large links around 19-26
Chains with smaller links for the draping part about 80 in
Bumper rings
Pliers and a cutting tool
If you don’t have chains,you can use other things like leather or rope or whatever

Step 1-Get the large chain and make sure the necklace fits over your head and if it doesn’t,just add more chain with jumper rings

Step 2-Take the smaller chains and measure out one foot and do the same with the rest of the others

Step 3-To cut the smaller chains,measure and then use the pliers and then just cut it\

Step 4-Once you cut all of the smaller chains,use the bumper ring to connect the smaller chains to the large one by taking the bumper ring and then use the cutting tool and then put it on one side and twist it open but make sure it can go through the larger chain

I made a sort of pattern with the necklace,In the center the small chain is like 12 in and 2 other chains on each side are about 10 in and 2 smaller ones that are around 5 or 6 in.And after that, you’re done!
The necklace should look a little like this-


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