It’s Her Party And She’ll Get Embarrassed It She Wants To

At Lulu’s house,Selena tries on every dress she could find but they were either too tight or too slutty.

”It’s no use,”Selena cried out.”None of these dresses look good on me.”She said as she threw the last one in Lulu’s face.

“Oh come on!One of these dresses have to fit your liking.”

“Nope.Not even one dress.Are you sure there’s not one more dress?”She pleaded.

“Well,there is one dress but it was suppose to be for a special occasion.I bet even Lilith doesn’t have the dress.It’s a one of a kind,I made sure of it.”

“Well where is it?!”Selena asked a little too desperately.

“It’s in my special closet.Meanwhile,do your nails.”Lulu said looking at Selena’s nails as if it was Lilith,or barf.What’s the difference anyway?

Selena searched Lulu’s desk for nail polish.It was between OPI Nail Lacquer’s My Address is “Hollywood” or Nicole by OPI’s Deeply in Love.Hollywood it is.

”So,”I said,breaking the silence.”How were you dethroned by Lilith?”

”Well actually,its a really long story.We met a beauty camp.Lilith was a total wreck when I found her,but I wanted to make a friend.”

”Weren’t the other girls at camp?”I wondered.

“Lilith and I were the only girls there.But there was one out of fifteen guys who were gay.When I met Lilith,I learned a lot of weird things about her.For starter,she watched reruns of Hannah Montana on YouTube.2,she has never had a phone in her life.Shes probably Amish or something,whatever.And 3,she listened to the Jonas Brother and 4,she has never kissed a guy in her life.”

I gasped.”Never!”

”Not even a cheek kiss from her father.It was clear that I had a lot of work to do.After camp,Lilith met my friends and gave her a total makeover.We straightened her blond hair and gave her highlights,took the gunk out of her toenails and got her a guy.Bu today,something happened.She changed and got all of my friends to turn against me and then you found me in the bathroom.Ah-ha!I found the dress.”

I turned around and saw probably the most beautiful thing in the world.A gold sequin dress stood before me in awe.”This dress is perfect.Beyond perfect.No guy could deny me in this.”Now that I think about it a little more,Lulu’s right.Maybe I could have a hook-up,or something more.

Chapter 4 Selena


”Then try it on and let’s go.”

Wait,what are you going to wear?”

‘Did you just see my closet?I think I’m gonna wear this.”Lulu picked up an electric blue stripper-like dress from her closet”Oh and speaking of party there will be a lot of guys there. Do you have a special someone in mind?”Chapter 4 Lulu

“No.But I’m hoping to talk to at least one guy and not to say anything stupid.”
“Just follow my lead and listen to these Do’s and Don’ts. Do drink. Don’t let a guy give you a drink.”
“Why not?”
“Guys are dumb-asses and we all know they will put something in your drink to get you really on the tipsy-ditsy side. Next do wear a cup bra. Don’t stuff it with 2-ply toilet paper or that toilet paper from that teddy bear commercial . Lastly do make out with football players or guys who play sports. Don’t make out with guys with glasses”
The last one confused me a bit but I just went with it.
“Okay  now that we are finished with that , all that is left is make up and shoes you will wear these flats.”
Lulu handed me a pair of Lindsay Phillips  golden ballet flats to match with the dress.
“Alright.” I put them on.perfect fit.
“Now for the makeup.”
“Will this hurt?” I asked nervously.
“It’s makeup,not Botox.”
“Now, eyeliner here,rose pink lipstick here and a bit of blush here.”
I looked in the mirror and I barely recognized myself. But in a good way. I was right about the new me but I didn’t know I would look this great.
“Now for the last piece of the puzzle.Your hair”
“What’s wrong with my hair?” Like I said the rich people are so rich.
“It would be easier to make a list of what’s not wrong with your hair.”
How rude!Then again,I had flat dead chestnut brown hair while Lulu has shiny blond hair with tons of volume.’Nuff said.
”First I will give you amber low lights for the tips of your hair and a thick blue streak for the front part of your hair.”
”Don’t worry.”Lulu assured me.”’It washes out with shampoo.Speaking of which,I need to give you my brand.”
That took about half and hour but I looked amazing.
”Okay,now we’re ready.”
”What’s our transportation plan?W’re gonna get stared at and raped on trains and buses and my mom has to renew her license.”
 “It’s okay,we’ll just take the limo.”
What’s new.
The limo driver dropped us off in front of the club.We entered Zero Gravity and by the looks of it,people have already had sex. s soon as I walked in,I prayed that I could hear something after I left. This club was full of people and Jack Daniels.
Chapter 4 Party
“Lets go with any luck will find Lilith before she gets drunk.”I shouted over Taylor Swift’s ‘‘I Knew You Were Trouble.
We linked arms and walked like we those celebrities who think that they are so cool that they can wear sunglasses at night.
“Hey what are you doing here” someone familiar yelled at me.”Virginity pledgers aren’t allowed.”
“Shut up, Layla.I bet your first time was with a janitor at the clinic where you got plastic surgery” Lulu spat.
Oh yeah.She was one of Lilith’s
cronies.After that,she immediately walked away.Needless to say,what Lulu said was true.
“How did you know that?”
“They were my friends,you know.”She said in a Don’t-Doubt-Me kind of voice.
 ”There’s Lilith!”I screamed.”Let’s bump into her but not too obvious-like.I took a drink and started to walk as if I had jelly legs.
”’Don’t look too wasted,Lena.”Lulu shouted.
I even had my own nickname.This really is a beautiful friendship.
Lilith was drinking also.She was talking to a guy who was totally showing off his biceps.
“Hey Lilith”I called out.
She turned around but didn’t look too surprised to see it was me.”Wow,”She smirked.Even my enemies can’t stay away from my amazing party.”She said the word amazing for emphasis like Josh did from Drake and Josh.
“Amazing party?”I questioned.I bet people had more fun on the Titanic.”
“Then leave.”She shot back at me.
”But if I did,”I started,getting a new cup of beer.”I wouldn’t be able to do this.”With the flick of a finger,I threw the cup of beer all over Lilith’s white dress.
She was completely soaked from her golden hair which is now wet and frizzy bronze,to her her white silk dress which is now shrinking to her thighs.
”Now what were you thinking about wearing white?”I said drunkenly.”It’s after Labor Day you know.”
Chapter 4 Labor Day
At that second,it seemed as if all eyes were on Lilith.
And not in a good way.
“You  will pay for this.”Lilith growled.Chapter 4 Lilith
”Ooh,we’re so scared.”Lulu said playfully,like the 3 Little Pigs before the Big Bad Wolf ate them all.
Chapter 4 Bluff
Lulu and I turned around and let Lilith get the publicity and photos she wanted.But,we bumped into someone.
“Hey,watch where your’e-”
That someone I bumped into was Andrew Ramsey,captain of the football team.
“Sorry,”Andrew brushed,his blue eyes sparkling which had a serious resemblance to Niall Horan.(Cutest member of the band!<3)
Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball - Sunday - London
”No,it’s all my fault.”I said blushing more than Spongebob.
Chapter 4 Blushing Selena
“Aren’t you Selena?”The girl who just threw her drink at Lilith?”
”Wow,news travels fast.”I joked.
Lulu looked at me as if to say Don’t Joke With Him.Make Out With Him!
”Yeah,that’s me.”
”Well its about time someone put her in her place.”
”Uh,Selena,we gotta go.”Lulu said.
Of all of the people to kill the mood.
”Uh,I could drive Selena home.”He said taking charge.”If that’s okay with you.”He added.
”You two kids have fun.”Lulu said as she left and entered the limo.Before the door closed,she winked at me.Take My Tips!She seemed to say.
Andrew and I got into the back of the club and we talked for a while.It turns out he’s not really a stupid meat-head jock I thought most football players were like.He’s actually really,really smart cute and finds me outgoing,fun and cute.We laughed for a really long time and we didn’t know why.I’m really glad I stepped into those shoes and went into the club with Lulu.
”So let me get this straight,”Andrew started.”Milk shot out of your nose and you didn’t drink any milk at all?’‘Andrew asked.
“Yeah!Just out of nowhere,it just shot out.”
Then it got really quiet.I felt like this was the moment when I would move forward and we would kiss.
”So,”I whispered.”You think I’m cute huh?”
”Sexy.”He whispered back.
And then after that,his lips touched mine.
Chapter 4 Kiss 1

Chapter 4 Kiss 2

Our lips met as one and melted together.
Andrew carried me somewhere but I didn’t care.I just didn’t want this feeling to stop.
I think he took me to a bed because I felt those marshmallow-type pillows cushion my back.Why the hell is there a bedroom in a club?Who cares anyway.
His hands lowered to my waist and my hands went though his loose blonde hair.Chapter 4 Kiss 3Chapter 4 Selena and Andrew
And that’s all I remembered because when I woke up I was in someones room.
And It wasn’t mine or Lulu’s.
Oh shit.

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