DIY Destressed Bleached Dip Dyed Shorts

These shorts are perfect for warm weather and because summer is here this is the perfect DIY for this season for these shorts so lets get started.BTW-Tie dye is so back in right now!

Step One: Find an old pair of jeans you don’t mind distressing and dying. Then you want to put them on and mark where you want to cut them because they will soon be shorts.

Step Two: Use a pen to outline where you want to cut and cut evenly along that line. Now time to distress them. You can use a box cutter, sand paper, or any kind of sharp object.

 Step Three: Now we are going to bleach them and you can use any kind of bleach such as Clorox or cleaning products with bleach in them. It is a lot easier to make a mixture that is half water half bleach. You have to dip the short in at the zipper and tape it to the top of whatever bucket you use to keep the short from sliding. You should leave them over night so the bleach really sets in. After that dip the shorts in bleach by its self to make it really set in.

Step Four: You can use a tooth brush or any kind if scrubbing item to blur and blend the bleach line. After you do it let is sit for an hour before you rinse out the bleach.

Step Five: Okay!Now it’s time to dye your shorts you can use any dye but I’m using a fuchsia color  because I want kind if a pink purple mix. Pour all the dye into a bucket and mix it around and make sure you use the dye as directed. Dip the whole shorts into the dye and push it down and mix it around. The shorts will be kind of like a pink where you bleached them. The top that you didn’t bleach will turn like a dark purple but once it dries it will look like a very light purple.

Step Six: Then you let the shorts dry before you ring them out them put them in the washing machine and dryer not to wash them but to tone the color to make sure it stays.

You can stop here but if you want you can add your own personal touch like studs or diamonds or any other thing you want to put on these shorts. Hope you enjoyed this DIY and the steps will help you get some dip dyed shorts hope you have a great summer and enjoy this look!

A and Shay






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