Ask A and Shay??

For the rest of the week,I will be doing a princess Q and A.Today,we have Snow White.

A-So,since you were almost killed by an apple,are you worried about what you are going to swallow?

Snow-Yes,most of the time,but I avoid that mostly by cooking my own food an make sure not to turn around at any point just in case something “magically” falls into my masterpiece.

A-Must be a lot of work.So,after you ate the apple,you were kissed by Prince Phillip who was a stranger to you.If I were you,I’d pepper spray a guy who’d kiss me.Right after I thank him though.What would you do if you had a chance to relive that moment?

Snow-I would relive that horrible but great moment just the same way.Though I was almost killed,I met the love of my life.

A-*Mini barf*.Anyways,after you ran away from the evil queen,you met the seven dwarves.Are you still in contact with them now?

Snow-Yes,except Grumpy.He still hasn’t excepted my friend request on Facebook.

A-*Fake cough*.So, a little while ago,There was a modern movie about you,Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012 but there will be a sequel in 2015.How do you feel about Kristen Stewart playing you?

Snow-Eh.I mean I loved her in Twilight but seriously,who cheats on a vampire!I wouldn’t mind Chris Hemsworth kissing me though…

A-And we’re outta time!Thanks for your time and tell Dopey I said hi!

Snow-It was a pleasure.





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