Ask A and Shay??

Today we have Cinderella on our Q and A-Princess Edition

Shay-So I’m gonna call you Cindy.Is that ok?Of course it is.So what was it like cleaning a house full people who hated you?

Cindy-Well I thought it was pretty bad considering the fact that they would always come in screaming at me to iron their ball gowns and curl their hair.

Shay-Being that people have made so many remakes of your classic life,do you think that they played the part as well as you did?

Cindy-Honestly I don’t think they where as good as me only because I am and always will be the only original Cinderella there is.

Shay-*Self centered much?*Anyways, how is it living in a huge castle knowing that your sisters live in a dump?

Cindy: Well it feels awesome because those so called “sisters” of mine were complete and total mean girls.Totally wish I could curse. So they got what they deserved and I got what I deserved true love and a huge house. Oh and its not called being self centered its called confidence.

Shay-Ok so do you still keep in touch with the little birds and mice you used to talk to?*Weird much?*

Cindy-Are you kidding?They live with me and come with me every where I go they are my best friends and I love them.Just not more thank I love myself of course and you really have to learn how to make a side comment without me hearing you because then its just rude.

Shay-Ok then that’s all the time we have for today thank you Cindy for your self centered and rude responses.Tune in tomorrow for our next special guest.








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