Ask A and Shay??

A-So do you love your hair more than you love Flynn or should I say Eugene?

Rapunzel-Of course I love Eugene more.Though he did cut my hair to this hideous bob and I’m no longer a blonde but its okay with me.

A-Sounds like love.Next on the agenda,now that you’re free from your fake moms wrath,how are you doing on your art career?

Rapunzel-It’s actually going very swell,Ive been painting so many things.Pascal,food,Eug-

A-Eugene.Yeah,I saw that coming.Anyways,how are you catching up with your parents?You haven’t met them in eighteen years.

Rapunzel-We are catching up quicker than usual.We have so much in common.Its like they are my best friends.

A-What about the chameleon?

Rapunzel-I meant human.

A-Whatevs.Now there’s only one more thing to talk about:What’s your favorite color?

Rapunzel-All of them!

A-Yeah,I’m done here.It was amazing to have out here,you’re not the most obnoxious princess there was.

Rapunzel-Um,thank you.*Is this what Oprah is like?*








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